zeemeermin borderlands 2 slot machine

spinning 3 Dice "Luck be a shorty tonight." "Roll it UP!" "Let's a' roll the dice!" Upon getting a White-rarity item "Lame." "If it's white it ain't right." "Boooring." Upon getting a Blue-rarity item "bluuue!" "Shiny!" "Aw yizzz." Upon getting a Purple-rarity item "puuurples!" "Full.
Pistols, Torgue Tokens, and live grenades will be dispensed from the front drawer.Two bells with any non-psycho mask at the end:.Not bad." An Eridium stack "Eridiuuuum!" "Riddy-riddy-riddy, riddy-yum!" Upon getting a Legendary-rarity item "orrraaange!" Upon getting a Pearlescent-rarity item "peeeeaaarlescent!" "ohhhhh snaaaaaaaaap!" "best DAY evaaaaa!" Upon getting Seraph crystals "Ooh.Pearlescent item 3 Dice Dice roll, results vary (see below).3 Psycho masks: The slot machine will drop a live mirv grenade from the reward box.Any 2 matching with psycho mask at the end:.3 Eridium bar :10, torgue Tokens.Locations, badass Crater Bar (x2) upstairs (there are also 2x normal Slot Machines nearby).Any 2 matching with bell beste casino spel spelen zonder te downloaden at the end:.3 Vault Signs: Orange weapon.It costs 2, eridium per spin, but has different results, such as a dice, which can give you a range of items (See "Roll of the Dice) and has higher chances for better loot.All non-pistol weapons from the side drawer.This is an extremely powerful grenade and will heavily damage any player character in the blast radius, not only the Vault Hunter who actually used the slot machine.Upon getting a shield "Keep that butt protected, shawty.Live grenades and all but one of the.Torgue's Campaign of Carnage.3 cherries: Green weapon.Pearlescent item,"s, spinning 3 Rainbows "Make spelen met geld iphone money money make money moneeey." "make IT raaaaaain!" "Eat cupcakes get moneyyy!".3 Marcuses: Purple weapon.Similar to normal, slot Machines, they can drop anything from weapons, live mirv grenades, Torgue Tokens, or possibly more, depending on the result.Those thingies." "Take some Seraph crystals.
MM." "Wield dat shield.
Known combinations and rewards, first and second symbols different (regardless of 3rd No reward.