yamasa koning pulsar slot machine manual

Your Pachislo machine is set at Level 6 which is programmed at the highest payout rate japanse slot machine onderdelen diagram (the easiest level).
You may need to disconnect each cable starting at the reels and reconnect them so the connections "snap" in place.
I «r, t Things in the package, unpack the pachislo from the carton and confirm the following items are included:.Make sure the credit counter inside of the front door indicates 1 - 6 *.Twist the plastic base off the board.Please find the one that matches with your machine's power box (will vary depending on model).It will reset the game or clear the error code, but not open the door.Open the front door with a door key by turning the key to the right.E-3 HE/HJ) A hopper is empty.Whether your stay in our fine, small town is just for a visit or for a lifetime, you will soon discover that Lamberton has a lot to offer. .Press the button for up to 10 seconds as there is a delay on the circuit.Hopper Yamasa Model #3 Copyright 2005 Stealth Home Amusement all gratis gokken casino internet rights reserved.You may not use them for commercial use without our written permission.The machine is ready to play.Door and reset keys.Machine doesn't switch from "credit" play to "regular" play mode.To order: Visit us on the Website at m Call us at (MON-FRI: 10am-6pm Est.) Contact Information We provide support for our customers.
Need to be cleared and clean with alcohol.