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I am passionate about the children in Leon, Nicaragua.
My life with Corgis goes back to the 1970s.Not only did gratis slots casino stijl android telefoon the project provide food, it helped teach the lost art of gardening while bring the community together.The things I am most passionate about are; traveling, reading a challenging book, sweet tea, fishing having dinner with friends.Klassic Photography is here to capture your next chapter.Both parents must be in excellent health and top condition before a breeding occurs.Fleas, summer can be problematic, so keep an eye out for scratching and treat your dogs before hot spots develop.Hey there, Im Kim Kauffman.I love serving the world by traveling to other countries and sharing my heart with them.April 2017, february - gokken gratis fruitautomaten gratis March 2017, december 2016 - January 2017.We value this legacy with a great deal of pride.Corgis are known as a magical breed, and they truly do seem to have a magical way of bringing us all joy.Camberwell Tea Rose, Lucy, became gokken voetbal tips systeem the foundation of my breeding program; to this day every dog I have bred proudly goes directly back to that beautiful, spirited little Scottish Corgi lass.
I love to decorate.
Cariadh means little darling in Welsh and she thought it appropriate because she knew my dogs were all little darlings.