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Big Casino, 7/61, 1600 online gokken belgie 0900 produced, NO gobble holes, score-to-beat.
Green Pastures, 1/54, 750 produced, A, 2 kick out holes, no gobble holes, no trap holes.
For some reason I personally like the games with a big bank of say 10 drop targets compared to two smaller 5 drop target banks.Snow Queen, 11/70, 2 player version of Snow Derby, 1480 made, first Gottlieb with end of ball bonus feature.End of five cent ABT push style coin acceptor era.From this point forward, game play changes significantly on Gottlieb woodrails.Lightning Ball*, 12/59, 950 produced, B, 1 player with light bulb scoring, 2 gobble holes, backbox mechanical animation (disc that spins).Gottlieb Ten-Up is the AAB Italy version.Tiger, 8/75, 1 player Italy add-a-ball of 1972 Gottlieb Outer Space/Orbit.Gottlieb Electra Pool made for Italy.Super Bowl, 12/69, made for export to Italy but never produced.With the prior ABT push chute, when gokkasten online com the player pushed in the chute, this manually reset the reset bank.Dimension, 2/71, 1 player (add-a-ball version of 2001).