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Helton in Austin, Texas (2009) JR Helton, "massive Mineshaft fan and contributor in the south of France (2011) Kim Deitch hard at work in his NYC apartment.
(photo by Pam Butler, 2005) Gilbert Shelton checking out his good friend Frank Stack's wonderful cover!"Another Vein Extracted: Mineshaft #29" Rob Clough reviews Mineshaft #29 for his comics column "High-Low" "On Exhibit: Mineshaft #28" Rob Clough reviews Mineshaft #28 for his comics column "High-Low" "Best Zines of 2012: Cometbus, Mineshaft, Prince Zine, and more" Review by Chris Estey.Til the Last Hemlock Dies reviews Mineshaft #31!Partners for Pediatric Progress established its first partnership in 2008 in in the capital city of Maputo, Mozambique.Almost Normal Comics reviews Mineshaft #30!"I really enjoy "Mineshaft" - there all these zillions of dull, unoriginal, stereotyped magazines.Partners for Pediatric Progress started its activities in the country, there were only 10 pediatricians and no pediatric surgeons.We love it, and hope that you will continue to print.It is the major publication of what's left of the hep subculture. Let's just say that there aren't that many new pubs that I look forward to reading these days, but Mineshaft is the rare exception.Tom Spurgeon, The Comics Reporter "Off the beaten Path: Mineshaft #34" Til the Last Hemlock Dies reviews Mineshaft #32 Mineshaft #31 is a "Staff Pick May online gokken wettigheid 60 minuten 2015" at Last Gasp in San Francisco!Duncan, Telegraph Ave., Berkeley California "Everyone reads mineshaft.Mineshaft contributor Aaron Lange before.
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